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Another Prediction

I’ve lived through a number of predictions. Global Cooling. Global Warming. Millions will die from climate change by 2020. Hole in the Ozone. Reagan will start nuclear war. The Rapture (several times). New York & Florida under water. Oil will run out (several times, one prediction was 2020). No glaciers left on Mt. Kilimanjaro by 2020. So. Many. More. I’m a little dubious of any prediction at this point.

Here’s one from yesterday. “We’re going to see hospitals collapsing in the next two to three weeks.” Obviously this has to do with corona virus. This will happen according to Dr. Michael Osterholm. I’m not sure he believes it because he said specifically, ‘we need someone to say this’ which gives him weasel room. But that’s what weasels do. They find a way to instill fear, then when tragedy inevitably doesn’t strike (but they’ve got the fear response they were trying to create) they say, “that’s not exactly what I said” or “I was being hypothetical” or whatever. Here’s the full quote so you can make your own decision about what he said or didn’t say.

“We need somebody to say this is what’s happening, this is how bad it is,” he advised. “We’re going to see hospitals collapsing in the next two to three weeks. And this is what we’ve got to do to address that. And just remember one thing, for the next three weeks the cases are already in pipeline. The people who are infected this morning will be the cases of next week in the hospital, a few days after that, and will be in the intensive care rooms and dying after that. So even if we did everything we could right now, we would still not turn this thing around for literally three to four more weeks.”

Dr. Michael Osterholm, on MSNBC

This was yesterday. What I’m going to do, is leave this here, and then, in three weeks from yesterday, on December 10th, I’m going to revisit this issue. I’ll be looking for Dr. Osterholm to say ‘oops, I blew it’. What do you think the odds of that are? If it is addressed at all, which it usually isn’t, there will be some extenuating circumstance that happened. Maybe hope for a Biden Presidency is a natural vaccine to covid, I don’t know.

If, on the other hand, we have hospitals overburdened with patients, I will say, ‘Oops, I blew it.’ Just like I did with global cooling, and warming, and the ice caps, and the ozone, and the extinction of polar bears, and nuclear war, and the thousand-thousand other doomsday predictions that came true that I had to apologize for not believing in and/or making fun of.

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