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For Entrepreneurs

For now this page is a running list of resources I find that might be useful to entrepreneurs. When the list gets big enough I’ll make individual pages under this one for types of resources, but I’ve been talking about this page for too long without doing anything about it so here’s the beginning.

CrateJoy — ( https://www.cratejoy.com/ ) This site will help you start a subscription box business.

IBISWORLD Industry Reports — These are available in some libraries. My university just got access to a bunch of new specialty reports. If you’re not a student here and don’t know one I believe you can access them at a library terminal. I can not download and send you the reports, that would be illegal. I can however use the reports to inform any consulting I do for you or your company. I’m listing this because it’s top of mind (my librarian just emailed me about it) and once you know it’s out there you can find a way to access it. Here’s my link, which will only work with a university ID https://libproxy.usouthal.edu/login?url=https://www.ibisworld.com .

Legal Forms for the state of Alabama — This is the Gale Legal Forms Library. It is accessed through my university library, but is probably available through other libraries as well. If you’re not from Alabama there might be one for your state. Here’s the link:  https://libproxy.usouthal.edu/login?url=https://link.gale.com/apps/TGLF/?u=avlr&id=alabama2r