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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Number One questions asked by all visitors to this site: Can you send me a bio and/or a head shot?
  • Yes, but you can find that on the About page unless you need something specific, and at the bottom of that page you can choose the head shot that best goes with your promotional materials.
  • Two: Are you available to speak?
  • Generally yes. You can check availability by consulting my calendar and/or checking with me directly.
  • Three: Do you do consulting?
  • Yes. I consult for new and ongoing businesses in a variety of areas. I will occasionally consult with nascent entrepreneurs, but usually, you have to have been a student of mine for that to happen. I use the Simplexity problem solving process in most consultations, but am familiar with several other creativity based approaches.
  • Four: Do you invest in businesses or business ideas?
  • Yes, but again, you probably have to have been a student of mine (AND have a damn good idea) for that to happen. I don’t rule any investment out, but I have limited resources and I value the success of my former students over a strictly financial ROI.
  • Five: Do you teach outside the university setting?
  • I have led seminars, facilitated workshops, and taught classes at businesses, business incubators and accelerators, co working spaces, high schools, and Scout meetings, as well as guest lecturing at other universities.
  • Six: Do you have your own business or side hustle?
  • I charge for some of the items listed above, but I’m not actively looking for outside work. I am currently in the process of starting an art based business as a way of demonstrating processes to my Digital Entrepreneurship students.