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Myers-Briggs Information

Hello and welcome to my information page on Myers-Briggs and the Myers-Briggs portion of my consulting practice. Myers-Briggs consulting is offered through my company, “The Entrevangelism Company”. We have several services. A partial list is below. If you are interested in Myers-Briggs training, please reach out. If you’re looking for a specific application of Myers-Briggs personality type for your situation, we can have a conversation about it.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an assessment individuals in your organization (or you personally) can take in order to better understand yourselves and your coworkers. Awareness of personality type, along with training has been shown to improve communication, conflict resolution, change management, and decision making.

The assessment contains one hundred forty three forced choice questions. Forced choice questions just ask you to decide between two options. After taking the assessment your results are provided to your Myers-Briggs consultant who will walk you through the results, and together you will decide which of the sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types most accurately represents you. You can then use that information to better understand yourself and interact with others.

Partial List of Services

All services below other than the Individual MBTI assessment and analysis and Introductory Workshop assume that the participants have their Best Fit MBTI Personality Type. If this is not the case pre-work can be arranged. Workshop topics with *stars* around them are $500 off to the first organization to book them. This is because I have not yet delivered these workshops and would like to do so. The materials are built out and ready to go, I just haven’t had the opportunity to do one yet.

  • Individual MBTI assessment and analysis — Takes about an hour of your time, then about 1-2 hours in person or on a web-based meeting. Starts at $299.
  • Additional hourly consulting rate for individuals $200.
  • Additional topics for individuals include (These topics are all addressed through the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Lens)
    • Step II Analysis
    • Introduction to Teams
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Working in Organizations
    • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Decision Making
    • Conflict
    • College (This is obviously not business related, but it’s important, so I provide it.)
  • Daily seminar or workshop rate is $3,000 not including assessments or reports. Reports are priced by the Myers-Briggs company and a price list is available upon request.
  • Partial day seminar or workshop rate is $2,000 not including assessments or reports.
  • Workshop Topics
    • Working With Personality Type — Half day introduction (Step One Only)
    • Introductory Workshop — Full Day
    • MBTI Step II Workshop
    • *Team Development Workshop — Full Day*
    • *Stress Management Workshop — Full Day*
    • Better Communication in Healthcare — Full Day ($500 additional fee)
    • Developing Communication Style — Half Day
    • Embracing Change — Half Day (<4 hours usually)
    • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence — Half Day (<4 hours usually)
    • Impactful Influencing — Full Day or Half Day
    • Improving Decision Making — Half Day (<4 hours usually)
    • *Leader Development — (Full Day)*
    • MBTI Concepts for Managers & Mentors — Half Day (3 hours) ($500 discount if local)