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Speaking & Consulting

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Process Based Consulting — Dr. Nelson is a certified Basadur Simplexity Consultant. The Simplex Problem Solving Process is a context independent problem solving process useful to handling a wide variety of professional and personal issues. Dr. Nelson has assisted companies with various projects including mission/vision statement generation, attendance and engagement issues, revenue enhancement, product and market expansion, and new product development. Perhaps he can help you or your company.

Business Plan Development & Analysis — Dr. Nelson has taught business planning at the university level and in community development settings. He has written, evaluated, and improved hundreds of business plans. Have him take a look at yours.

Focused Report Creation — Dr. Nelson has researched and created industry analyses, competitive analyses, focused expansion plans, entrepreneurial ecosystem analysis, and business valuations for various commercial clients.

Presentations — Dr. Nelson speaks on the importance of entrepreneurship to individuals, states and countries, the economy, and civilization. Contact him for your event.

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